EE3555 : 2 Hearts DVD 1 แผ่น

EE3555 : 2 Hearts DVD 1 แผ่น
รหัสสินค้า: EE3555
สถานะสินค้า: มีสินค้า
ราคา: 40.00 บาท
ไม่รวมภาษี: 40.00 บาท



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เสียง ไทย/อังกฤษ

บรรยาย ไทย/อังกฤษ


Two love stories from two different time periods are connected in a unique way in this double romance that combines the joy of finding the perfect partner with the tragedy of illness. Based on a true story, the first couple involves a passenger on an airplane who flirts with a flight attendant.

They become a committed couple until a dreaded lung disease threatens his life. Years later, two college students meet at the university they attend and fall in love, a union also destined to be threatened by a life-threatening condition. The connection between the first and second couple is a unique plot twist.